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STI: Another Leaking Power Steering Pump

I thought I had a years worth of power steering issues with the Forester I was building last year. I ended up replacing most of that system and it still struggled. But that’s a story for another time. This time around we have a working system just dirty… gross…grimy.

Here is the area so far. Doesn’t look half bad from above.

Looking a bit closer it gets a nasty.

Removed from the vehicle with limited mess! The tank is overall caked with grime and the inlet and outlet both had multiple hose clamps on it. …like that would stop that old rubber from leaking!

Looking a bit closer at that mess.

I used a mixture of iron remover and degreaser. Really I just grabbed the cans closest to me.

I used a wire toothbrush to loosen the dirt and applied more degreaser and kept moving. After that was broken down I soaked the container in dish soap to get the rest of the junk off.

Hoses were then replaced with Subaru OEM replacements. On the Forester I used aftermarket cheaper hoses and at least in terms of ease of install and quality I can definitely tell a difference. Right down the the painted markings to signify which end of the hose points up at both ends. It’s the little things!

Unpictured is the mounting bracket which also received a cleaning and reinstallation. After that it was all reinstalled with ease and refilled. I will have to wait a few more weeks to bleed out the system and test it as I still have the calipers removed and/or just hanging.

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